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Design concept of office partition

Using the new office partition design concept to create office space, not only provides a good office environment but also reshapes and elegant working environment. Break the general relationship between space and environment, giving people a refreshing feeling. The ideal plan for office space design is to make the most reasonable design under the limitations of the original space. The overall design style must be considered while taking into account the flexibility of the use of space. The truly excellent partition product is the inherent substantive structural design, through the unique transparent glass surface, with the hollow blind design, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty and practicality.
1. The spatial layout pays attention to the principle of balance, and the design pays attention to horizontal and vertical arrangement and color contrast.
2. Flexible combination form, with different colors and material choices.
3. The design pays attention to details, and exquisite design is inseparable from all exquisite details.
4. Artificial light sources cannot replace natural sunlight. Space needs to be able to express through light, and light can change the personality of the space.

1. Internal and external profiles
Common inner profiles include galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, etc., which have high elastic modulus, high strength, good toughness, and high melting point, and can meet the requirements of sound insulation and fire resistance.
2. Surface finishing materials
Surface finishes include glass and solid panels. There are ordinary glass, tempered glass, and bullet-proof glass, with different specifications and parameters, which need to be determined according to the characteristics of the place of use. Physical panels include porous gypsum board, carbonized lime board, concrete board, aluminum-plastic board, and cement wood wool board.
3. Supporting materials
Supporting materials include blinds, glass wool, door leaf, hardware accessories, etc.