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       Open Size (mm) With & Height (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (mm) 50x50 W10:H35/45/50 W15:H50/60/80 2000 0.4-0.6 75x75 W10:H35/45/50 W15:H50/60/80 1950 0.5-0.8 100x100 W10:H35/45/50 W15:H50/60/80 2000 0.5-0.8 125x125 W10:H35/45/50 W15:H50/60/80 2000 0.6-1.0 150x150 W10:H35/45/50 W15:H50/60/80 1950 0.6-1.0 200x200 W10:H35/45/50 W15:H50/60/80 2000 0.6-1.0 Color of Metal Aluminum Open Cell Ceiling…
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Metal ceiling sheets offer many advantages over traditional ceiling designs and tiles. To create stunning 3-D geometric shapes and arched curves in corridors, you can place flat segments of corrugated metal ceiling panels in specially designed suspension systems.

The metal is a durable and versatile material that can easily be bent and curled. This allows architects and designers the ability to create movement in the metal sheet ceiling board. To aid in wayfinding, baffles can be made into undulating waves or beams that look like railway tracks.

Someone says that design trends favor deeper beams in order to create unique effects. He also adds that manufacturers are taking note of these innovative ideas. They are expanding their product range by adding more products. A metal beam ceiling is available in lengths of up to 12 feet, and depths of up to 15 inches.

Sheet metal ceiling tiles can be replicated in almost every wood species. Manufacturers offer a variety of colours, some with more than 80 finishes. They can also customise the shades to match brand identity and design palettes.

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