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TECSUS Offers Perfect LED Ceiling Lighting Solution For Your Office

It's well-known that the lighting used in different places can create different feelings. The choice of office LED ceiling lighting and the installation position of lighting will affect people's visual effects.

Why needs LED ceiling lighting for office area?

After all, lighting is one of important elements in influencing both the staff's working efficiency and their eyes. If employees have been working in a dark or too bright environment for a long time, vision will be impaired over time. It's important to install the perfect LED ceiling light. Tecsus lighting helps you solve all office lighting problem.

TECSUS Offers Perfect LED Ceiling Lighting Solution For Your Office.

TECSUS provides customized lighting scheme with multifarious designs for office area. What we offer: LED panel light series, Strip linear light, Customized Light.


Series Product Size(mm) Power Color Temp Input Voltage
LED Panel Light 600x600/ 600x1200 36W/48W 2700K /4000K/6500K AC 180-260V
Strip Linear Light 1200x50x50 20W/36W 2700K /4000K/6500K AC 180-260V
Customized Light Customized Customized 2700K /4000K/6500K AC 180-260V


LED Panel Light Strip Linear Light Customized Light

Available Wattage: 32W, 36W, 40W, 48W, 60W, 72W;

Available Color Temperature: 2700K, 4000K, 6500K;

Available Size: 2x2ft, 2x4ft;

Lifespan:50,000 hours;

5 years warranty


Aluminum frame cover make any shape by design;

long life service;

Meet the space design in modern style;

Lifespan:50,000 hours;

5 years warranty


Different shape based on design;

Integrated LED lighting;

Constructed from solid aluminum;

Ceiling and wall both available;

Lifespan:50,000 hours;

5 years warranty

TECSUS will coordinate with the decoration style of the entire office to put forward with the perfect office LED lighting solution. Moreover, we will help select the suitable lighting according to different places such as front desk, aisle, and office area, etc. And we will consider whether the lighting is irritating to human eyes, and the other elements such as energy saving and environmental protection.

Having been committed to providing decoration of the new office for several decades, TECSUS has formulated a comprehensive lighting plan according to our company's lighting requirements. Once cooperation is reached, we will send our professional team to inspect the site based on the actual space layout of your office. Or, the overall space layout with details is sent by your party. And then we will carry out lighting and lighting effect simulation. At the same time, the construction plan will be deepened, the lighting type selection will be carried out, and the designers will also inspect and debug the lighting on the spot to ensure that each lamp can exert the best lighting effect.

The interior decoration process will be performed on time under the considerate plan. Our high-efficient production base will ensure that the task is completed within a given time.

For better lighting effects and a better working atmosphere, TECSUS is your ideal manufacturer of LED ceiling light. We have in-depth research on lighting as well as office decoration, and provide you with a complete lighting solution based on local conditions. Your inquiry is welcome.



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