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    Dimension: 600x600mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x1200mm, other sizes can be customized. Thickness: 0.5~1.0 mm Color: RAL 9010, RAL 9016, RAL 9003, other color also can be customized. Design: Plain ; Perforation (Hole size : 0.8 /1.8 / 2.3 / 3.0 / 5.0 / 10.0 mm); Perf. 1.8 / Plain / Perf.…
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The following are the key features of Metal Grid ceiling

Metal grid ceilings are a great choice for commercial spaces and corporate offices. But they also offer a few additional benefits that will amaze you. Let's take a look at some of these:

Reasonable pricing: It's a question we always wonder, "How much does a false ceiling really cost?" Don't we? aluminium grid ceilings can be a good option for modular and better infrastructure. Metal is much more affordable than other options. These are also available in different patterns and linear systems.

Non-metal ceiling options don't offer the same benefits as metal grid ceilings. Metal grid ceilings have a 30-year life expectancy.

A sleek, modern look: Metal ceilings give a space a clean, contemporary look. Many architects, building owners, and designers find it attractive because of its unique form.

Moisture resistance: Metal false ceilings resist corrosion and don't retain rust or stains. Even in high humidity, the tiles won't warp nor sag.

Noise-Resistance - A metal ceiling can be very effective at absorbing sound. It is largely dependent on the size of the perforations and the sound-absorbing acoustic fill.

Metal grid ceilings are very noise-reducing. Metal ceilings are designed to provide maximum sound absorption and acoustic performance.

Aluminum ceiling grids are very popular in offices, shopping centers, hospitals and other non-residential spaces. Are you ready to see the complete list of metal grid ceilings? Check it at our website tecsusofficesolution.com now!

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