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  • Office Soundproof Acoustic Silence Phone booth
    Size Specification Seating Capacity Color S 1010x972x2272mm 1 people Black, White, Grey, Blue M 1310x1472x2272mm 2 people L 1610x2171x2272mm 4 people XL 2210x2040x2140mm 6 people   Deliver Production is 20 to 25 days after receive the payment. There is no MOQ for this product, even though 1 set we can…
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Nearly every workplace has at minimum one office meeting pods.

Multifunctionality is a staple after coffee shops and desk space. They are used for private conversations, board meetings, quiet work areas, or social spaces. However, there has been a surge in demand for meeting pods. These semi-private and repositionable spaces can be integrated into any office layout.

The office meeting booth is now available. Acoustic meeting pods are easy to set up, cost-effective to build, and can be moved with your company when you move to new areas. Meeting pods offices are able to be used for many purposes in meeting rooms. They can also be used at a lower price, with less space, and with more flexibility. Many conference pods are similar to railway carriages. They have built-in connections for power, seating, ambient lighting and power. You have many options for customizing fabrics and finishes so that you don't have compromising on style.

The office meeting pods can be plugged into any space available and take up a fraction of time and costs of traditional conference rooms. They can often be located closer to your work area, making them a multi-purpose space that can be used for quiet reflection or spontaneous meetings. They create a new environment that is peaceful and not too far from the bustle of the office.

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