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  • Metal Aluminum Strip Linear Ceiling
     Sound Absorption NRC Up to 0.55 LIGHT REFLECTANCE Up to 77% Humidity Resistance (RH %) 95 Cleanability Damp sponge There are 3 different variations of strip linear ceiling systems: C-Shaped Strip linear Ceiling S-Shaped Strip linear Ceiling G-Shaped Strip linear Ceiling   1.C-strip linear ceiling C Strip Ceiling Specification…
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Metal ceiling sheets can give occupants a feeling of well-being beyond just acoustic comfort. Sheet metal ceiling panels can mimic certain species of wood and provide high light reflections, which is a key feature of pro-biological design. Pro-biological design has been shown to increase productivity in office workers, improve the learning function of students and decrease the time it takes for patients to recover from their injuries.

Sheet metal ceiling tiles that have a wood-like appearance add a biomorphic texture and dimension to spaces. Perforated metal sheet ceilings are used in biological applications to create natural environments. They have been proven to increase cognitive performance and reduce stress.

White sheet metal ceiling panels can improve your well-being. They increase productivity and stimulate positive emotions by reflecting light and lighting spaces. White large format panels are sleek and modern in appearance. They also have the benefit of being durable, easy to clean, and can be used in large rooms.

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